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What: Story, follow-up
Title: Whatever will follow [part 2]
Author: kuroi_oneday
Genre: Romance, drama, shounen-ai...
Ratings: PG [I think?]
Synopsis: Kyoshi talks with Kai about Kito's return, Kito does something stupid and all four of them go to a party...

The sun was shining, it was hot and generally the opposite of the last few days. Kyoshi walked trough the park quickly, ignoring the playing children, trying to make it in time for his meeting with Kai. He hated being late, but somehow he always was. He knew he shouldn’t worry about it, since Kai wouldn’t get mad at him for it, but it was in his nature to worry.

Though it didn’t spoil his day, by far. He stared up at the beautiful straight blue sky, feeling almost sickingly happy. A smile had been plastered on his face ever since Kito came back. Everything seemed to be more fun, more beautiful, less irritating; his whole world seemed to shine. And no matter how cliché it all sounded, he damn well liked living with pink glasses on.

In a record time, he reached the other end of the park and crossed the street, smiling at the sight of his friend sitting by the window of the lunchroom they’d always go. He took off his coat and walked to the table, sitting down across the other man who didn’t look up from the magazine he was reading.

“Tsk, insulting people without really knowing them. The guts! He should be bitten in the ass for the stuff he writes about people.” Kai said, throwing the magazine on the table.

“And I’m sure you’d love to do that.” Kyoshi said teasingly.

“Like I would. Ne, have some tea.”

“Hai... Isn’t it a lovely day?”

Kai stared at the younger man. What was the other so happy for? Ofcourse he was glad to see his friend like this, though it made him wonder. Maybe there was something he wasn’t telling him...

“Uhm... Kai? Why are you staring at me?”

“Well, because of your immense beauty ofcourse.” He awnsered, grinning, making the other look away.

“Stop it, you.”

“But you know I love to make you blush like that.”

Kyoshi laughed, shaking his head. He would never change.

“Ne, Kyo-chan, why are you so happy?”

Kyoshi looked down, playing with a spoon. He couldn’t look Kai into the eyes and lie to him, not only would the other man see right through him, but he wouldn’t even be able to tell the lie itself. “Nothing special, really...”

He felt the other observe him closely, letting out a sigh. “That’s a lie. Trust me and spill.”

“I trust you...”

“Well then, I don’t see why you can’t tell me.”

“Because you’ll get anrgy when I’ll tell you.” He said, still staring at his hands.

What would I get angry for?

“Kyoshi...” he said, reaching for the other’s hands “please tell me.”

Kyoshi sighed, the words that followed coming out as a whisper. “It’s Kito...”



He could feel the other freeze, those eyes staring at him so hard it almost felt as if his skin burnt.

“What about Kito? You’ve been thinking about him again?”

“Well... that’s not it. He’s – he’s here.”

“WHAT?” the other whispered sharply.

“He came back. He came back, Kito, he finally came back.”

Instead of what Kyoshi had expected, Kai’s grip tightened on his hands. He could only guess how the other felt, but apperantly he wasn’t going to get mad at him for anything. Maybe he should’ve told him earlier, but he had been so afraid to loose his friend... and maybe afraid of his actions, too.

“You... talked? Explain, Kyo-chan.”

“We talked... he feels so sorry, he truly regrets everything. I just can’t stay mad at him, I don’t think I ever really could. I’m so glad he’s back...”

“You’re just going to forgive him everything?!” the other said, raising his voice.

“Kai, please. Yes, I already did. And the other night, it was so great, so much fun...”

Kai’s eyes widened and he gritted his teeth, staring, just staring. “’The other night’?! What the fuck, Kyoshi!”

“What! Nothing happened, you fool, don’t you know me? I don’t like him that way! I just stayed over, for your information.”

Kai let go of Kyoshi’s hands, staring out of the window, thinking. He tried not to be angry. He knew he shouldn’t be angry at Kyoshi, but he felt like he had to protect him from Kito. Kito betrayed them, he left them. He shouldn’t be this close with him already! Too close!

“I can’t belive you’re going to let him off this easily! He hurt us so much, Kyoshi, and what if he just did it again?!”

“I know he won’t...” the other said, with a soft voice, wishing he had never told him what had made him so happy.

“How can you know? You’re just blinded by your love for the man!”

He couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything had been so perfect, just a few minutes ago. He felt tears welling up but he fought them, not wanting to show his weakness towards the other man.

“Don’t you go there, you know that’s not true!”

“Well sometimes I seriously doubt that you don’t swing that way!” Kai shouted, making everyone look their way, curious of what was happening. For all of them, it was just a free soap. He stood up, already feeling guilty for what he had just said but he sure as hell wasn’t going to take it back. He loved his younger friend, but all he could really feel right now was the adrenaline flowing through his body.
He left some money and without saying another word, he walked away, leaving a shaking Kyoshi behind. Slowly one of the salty drops trailed down his face, ending up on his lips. The taste of it cracked him, his mind clowded with sadness without being able to concentrate on something else. Soft sobs escaped from his lips as the older man dissapeared around the corner. He silently hid behind his hands, trying to calm down, wishing for everyone to stop staring - for everyone to dissapear too.


“I can’t believe I cried!”

Kyoshi, probably even more angry at himself than at Kito, quickly sliced the tomato’s and put them into his soup. Stupid for crying in public, stupid for crying over something this size... it’s just a fight, everyone has fights. But they never really had fights... Why did he get so angry at Kito-chan for saying those things anyway? Was it really that a big deal?
Maybe it was.
When he ran into Kito yesterday, he acted normal... which was cold, and distant compaired to how they used to act around eachother. And it had already been a week. He stared down into his soup, his gaze slowly gowing further away into a world of his own. A soft knock on the window made him snap out of it, only moments after. A branch.
”Stupid...” he mumbled, referring to himself. Maybe Kai was right, maybe he forgave Kito too easily, maybe Kai was right about more. Maybe he was acting stupid, but maybe wasn’t good enough for him. Why did everything always have to be so complicated? For once, he wished he could think of only himself.
He couldn’t sleep, he wasn’t hungry and though he never really was, he hated being affected this much by it all. “Such a wuss, worth nothing.”
Maybe he was worth nothing after all. He closed his eyes out of anger, anger taking over.


He softly hissed in awnser to his burnt skin, letting himself fall on the floor. Stupid.



He let himself fall on the soft couch, sinking into the cushions slowly. He loved this old couch. “Aah, dammit!” Min shouted.
“What is it?” Kyoshi asked, never taking his eyes off the ceiling. He was in his and Min’s appartment, where he felt home. “I can’t find it anywhere... stupid knive...”

“Which one?”

“Red handle...” Min walked back into the kitchen.

He threw it away, that knive. Another stupid action since Min would’ve noticed sometime.

“I threw it away.”

“You did what? Why?”

He kept silent, still staring at the ceiling. Min walked up to him and sat down on the edge of the couch. “Kyo-chan...”

“It was old.”

“No it wasn’t, it was one of the best we had.” Min said, leaning over Kyoshi, forving him to look at him.

“I just did, I was angry.”

Min grinned. “You throw away knives when you’re angry? That’s... new.”

Kyoshi closed his eyes, humming the song stuck in his head. So he never noticed... what happened. He had been busy, yes, and he hid them himself too. So maybe it’s wasn’t that strange that it had gone unnoticed.

“Maybe I wasn’t just angry.”

“When did you do that? Was it about the Kai-thing?”

He let out a single laugh. “Hai, not so long ago.”

Min grabbed a pillow and layed it down on the floor, sitting down on it, folding his arms under his head when laying it down onto Kyoshi’s chest. “Tell me.”

“There’s nothing to tell.”

Min sighed, playing with Kyo’s shirt. He was waiting for an awnser, and not leaving untill he had one.

“I was just being a baka.”

“You were?”

“If you have to know, here.” Kyoshi moved up a bit and held out his hands. Min sat up straight, taking Kyo’s hands in his own as he examined them. He let his finger traced down a small scar to Kyo’s wrist, finding burnmarks. His mood dropped and for a moment, he just stared at those beautiful but scarred hands. When he looked up to Kyo, trying to find his eyes, he quickly closed them.

“Why did you do such a thing?” was all he could think of to say.

“It just happened, an accident... but I didn’t mind. It all wasn’t worth it anymore.”
Min took Kyoshi’s hand and raised it up to his own cheek, Kyoshi opening eyes at the touch. “Wasn’t this worth it?”

Kyoshi stared down at the other, who still held his hand in place, staring right into the other’s eyes, it all being as if they were thinking the exact same thing. “Min... I’m sorry...”

Min nodded. “I – I should continue making dinner...” He stood up slowly, gave Kyoshi a kiss upon his forehead and left far too soon to Kyoshi’s liking.


“I shouldn’t have shouted at you. But I get all protective over you, you know that...”

“Hai... don’t worry ne. I couldn’t stand not talking to you anymore. I’m such a wuss.”

“You are not, you’re adorable. Like a cute puppy. My best friend!”

“Very funny! Ne, we’re going out with Kito tonight... maybe you’d like to come... give it a chance?”

“Hmm. Where are you going?”

“A friend of Min is having this party... there are going to be lots of people. I’d love for you to come with us ne... but you decide.”

“I’ll come, just don’t force me to stay with him all night.”

“Yeey! We won’t, I promise!”

10 o’clock. The doorbell rings. Must be Kai!
Kyoshi ran to the door, hugging his friend as soon as he opened the door. “Kyo! Nice to see you too!” Kai laughed and followed his younger friend inside, where Min was running around hysterically gathering his stuff. “How do I look? How do I looooook?”

“You look great! Let’s go ne... yes, you look fine!”

Min quickly grabbed his coat before he got dragged outside the appartment by Kyoshi. He quickly locked the door and off they were. The other two laughed as Kyoshi hopped down the stairs like a bunny, glad to see him happy again, and once outside they walked in a row, Kyoshi in the middle. He talked and talked and he would’ve never stopped talking if they hadn’t arrived this soon. The music was audible a few streets away, but there didn’t seem to live many people here.
As soon as they stepped upon the lawn, some guy with bright red hair came running towards them.


“Ahaha, Kaden!” They quickly hugged and Min introduced everyone, and soon he and Kaden were talking about ‘the old times’. Both Kyoshi and Kai got bored of the conversation and walked to the porch, waiting in silence for Kito to arrive.
When a cab pulled over, and Kito stepped out, both of them stood up – Kyoshi walking up to Kito, Kai waiting for Kito to come to him.

“Oh, Kyo-chan, you look amazing!” Kito gasped as he wrapped his arms around the other. “Arigato~” Kyoshi responded, his cheeks coloring slightly as he hugged his friend back. “Ne... want to go over to Kai?” Kito looked up, staring at Kai who had been watching them all the time, and nodded “Let’s.”

The length of the lawn suddenly seemed to double in it’s size, as their pace slowed down the closer they got to Kai. Kai followed them with his eyes, and a few moments later he stood right in front of Kito. They just stared at eachother for a few moments, Kai making sure Kito felt his anger towards him. “Hello, Kai.” Kito finally said, breaking the silence.

“Well, hello.”

”How have you bee~” Kito got interrupted by Kai, already awnsering his question

“I’ve been great. How nice of you to ask.”

Suddenly Min came out of nowhere and stepped inbetween the two “Let’s go inside!”

All of them followed him in silence. There sure as hell were a lot of people there. As soon as Kyoshi noticed the karaoke-stage, he dragged all off them along and they got some drinks, watching someone preform. Kai started a conversation with some girl they didn’t know, and soon they went dancing.

“Yo! The stage is free! Kitoooo~”


“Go and sing for me!” Kyoshi said, grinning. Soon Min joined in, just wanting to see Kito preform again. Things might not have been all goody-goody between them yet, but he knew Kito could sing.

And before he knew it, he stood there.
The song started playing and it all came out so natural, it felt so good, and slowly more people stopped to watch.

“He even got better...” Min whispered into Kyoshi’s ear, who nodded in agreement. Min pulled Kyoshi against his own body and wrapped his arms around his waist, softly pressing his lips against the other man’s neck. As he softly bit down on the sensitive skin, the other closed his eyes for a second, only encouraging the other to continue. But suddenly the pleasure stopped, Min letting his head lean against the other’s. “Let’s enjoy the show, ne.”

And the thing that ripped him out of his own perfect world, his perfect performance, happened just in front of his eyes. He felt his heart sting, but he kept singing. Suddenly all those friendly kisses those two had shared before seemed all wrong, suddenly he wanted to jump off the stage and pull him out of the other’s arms. Suddenly, he knew he really cared.

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