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Words with meaning. 無限大, Japanese for infinity, is one of those words with a strong, clear meaning. I thought it would be nice to take such words as a subjects for our first layout =3

This will be the official first post, so here we go:
Paper Muses is a ReaderxWriter community. That means, a community where we post our works and read others'. It all started when I wanted to post some of my work, and couldn't find the right place to do so.

So, what makes this community different from all those others out there?
+ We comment on your work. We tell you what we like and why.
+ We give you a lot of freedom; you can about post anything here.
+ This is a friendly community, and we plan to keep it that way: no bashing.
+ We respect eachother. If someone posts something which you don't want to read [because of your religion, personal taste in stories, etcetera] you can say so, but be nice while doing that.
+ Because of the great mods XP

Anyhow, read the rules [on our userinfo] before joining/posting. Don't let them [or us] scare you away, though.
Remember: we're desperate for members and hand out cookies!

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Do the comments work? *checking*
They do ^~
Now the rules and stuff... I've already got something to post XP
Ohh~ Good. *wants to read*

Is it with Verne?!!?
Aaah, actually, no, but I could upload that too sometime. It ain't any good, sadly enough, but well XD
I have such a crush on Verne. You can post it if you want, otherwise you can just send it to me. <333
*joins* *blows kiss to shy*
Wheeh ^_^
Thanks so-muchly! Yesh now we have 2 great writers [yu & mag] =D

Flatterer. <3