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What: Story, follow-up
Title: Whatever will follow [part 1]
Author: kuroi_oneday
Genre: Romance, drama...
Ratings: PG [well, for now]
Synopsis The story is about a young man named Kito, who ran out on everything a couple of years ago. Though it never made him any happier, and he travelled back to Tokyo to find his old friends. Especially Kyoshi...

Life was pretty useless. Everyday the same routine; some would call it perfect, others would call it hell. Nobody ever seemed to care or notice anything. After all, everybody was too busy with their own lives...

The sky turned a darker shade of pink as little raindrops started falling down from the sky, finding their way down to earth to eventually diverge when hitting a pavement or one of the many windows. Kyoshi slowly walked through the dark, abandoned park; the only living being not running for cover. The cold raindrops went down his face, leaving black trails of eyeliner, and the man sat down on one of the benches.
His world was changing.
Maybe he could’ve expected this to happen – he was bound to lose the things he was so used to, attached to, sometime. With a bitter smile, he looked up to the sky. Yes, maybe he had always counted on this to happen again. His thoughts trailed off, and he just sat there, the sound of the rain seeming to be the only left. Suddenly, he was ruthlessly ripped out of his trance by someone sitting down next to him.

“Good day, Kyoshi.”

The man’s heart jumped up out of joy as he heard the voice of an old friend, and he turned to face him. “Kito! What are you doing here?”

“I needed a vacation... ” Kito said and he sighed, knowing that wasn’t true at all. What he had been needing all that time, was Kyoshi- and nothing else. If only he would’ve realised that sooner... “You dyed your hair.”

The younger man grinned at his comment and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him in a tight embrace. “Ah, yes! What do you think?”

The words didn’t seem to get trough to Kito at first. While a certain warmth spread through his body, he wrapped his own arms around the other’s neck. “Hnn... You know I love blonde…” he whispered into the younger man’s ear “and you make it look even better.”

Kyoshi rested his head on the other’s shoulder, while it stopped raining. “How did you know I was here?”

“Min told me you went out... I figured you’d be here, like in the old days...”

He remembered stepping out of the cab, having second thoughts about it all. Maybe he should’ve never left home, what made him think Kyoshi would ever want to see him again? But he knew he would never forgive himself if he would walk away. He stepped inside the large building, walked up the stairs to Kyoshi’s apartment, and pushed the little silver button next to the door. He could hear a soft ring, and a few seconds later the door opened.


Min? “Min!” ...Min lived with Kyoshi?

“Ah, you expected Kyoshi, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, but... how are you?”

“I’m fine... come in.”

Kito followed the taller man inside, and sat down on the familiar couch. Not much had changed.

“Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Min walked to the kitchen and not much later, he returned with two cups of tea. He gave one to Kito and sat down besides the man.

“So,” Min started as he took a sip of his tea “how have you been?”

“Okay, I guess. Work is going really well, so I could take a vacation.”

Min nodded. “I see. I must say that it’s strange, you sitting here again, almost like it’s a dream.” The silence that fell, was awkward.

“I know you had your reasons to leave, but it was just so... suddenly. I missed you. And I’m not the only one.”

Kito stared at the cup he was holding in his hands, feeling guilty and at the same time glad; glad to know he was missed. He finished his tea, at turned to face Min.

“I’m sorry, Min, I truly regret what I did, but I can’t turn it back.”

”I know you can’t, but I can’t help being mad at you. Not just because you hurt me, but you betrayed and hurt Kyoshi. But he... he never seems to be able to be mad at you.”

Kito stared at the wall in front of him. Some of the many framed photo’s had been changed, but most of them were still the same. He could see the foto of Min and his brother, and the familiar one that hung on it’s left... a photo of him and Kyoshi, holding hands. It had been taken the summer they first met, and they looked so extreemly happy.

“You miss Kyoshi?”


Min sighed. “He insisted on leaving that photo in place. I took the others down. The others of you.”

Kito’s eyes widened. He couldn’t even bare having pictures of him around anymore? A shiver went trough his body.

“Min, I’m so terribly sorry...”

“You really think you can just come back into our lives like that? Give me one reason to trust you!”

“Min,” Kito reached fot the others arm, but the other stood up and walked away “Min!”

Kito stood up and ran after him. When he opened the bedroom door, he found Min sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, staring at him with cold eyes.

Once more, Kito said the other man’s name, almost like a sigh. He sat down on the bed as the other seemed to calm down a bit.

“Trust me for all the good times we had.”

“It’s not that easy...”

He couldn’t stand it, Min being mad at him. He literally hated himself for what he had done. He always told himself it wasn’t that bad. But the fact is, you can’t just walk out like that on the people you love. Again, he searched for Min’s hand on the bed, and this time the other didn’t pull back. Like that, they sat there for a few minutes.

“I’m so sorry.”

He felt Min softly pulling his hand away as he turned his back to Kito.


“Maybe,” Min’s voice was almost a whisper, trembling “it’s better if you’d go now.”

Kyoshi stared at the other man, wondering why he had suddenly gone so quiet. “Kitooo...” The other turned his face, smiling down at the younger man.

“Hai, Kyo-chan?”

“You suddenly went so quiet...”

“Hm... Kyo, are you mad at me? I mean, I can understand if you are.”

Kyoshi stared at the ground, not knowing what to say. He couldn’t say he wasn’t mad. Sure, it had been a lot worse, but he was still mad at Kito. He had even blaimed himself... more than a couple of times. If Min hadn’t been there for him...
But he did still love him, Kito.

“It’s okay, Kito. I’m glad you’re here.”


“Are you sure you don’t want to stay at our place?”

”I think it’s best if I’ll stay at the hotel for a while. It’s on walking distance, anyway.”

“Hai. I’ll come over tomorrow, ne.”

The first time he met Kyoshi, he was singing.
It had been a warm spring night, in one of the many Karaoke bars of Tokyo. He was with a few friends, just having fun. They never talked that night, only had eyecontact a couple of times, but both of them never forget the other.
He sang it all away. His thoughts, his doubts, his pain, his guilt. His everything. For a moment, nothing else seemed to exsist. It was his cure, always had been.

Why can’t I stop thinking about him?
It’s not like I’m in love with him. He’s like a little brother to me, a best friend. Maybe it’s just because I’ve missed him so much.

A knock on the door.
Curiously, Kito stood up to open the door, finding a crying Kyoshi. Soft sobs came from the younger man, and Kito immidiatly wrapped his arms around him, softly pulling him inside. “Shht... what’s wrong?”
Kyoshi tried to say something, but as soon as he had said one word he broke down in tears again, clinging to Kito asif his life depended on it. The latter just held him, trying to comfort him. If anybody had hurt his precious Kyo-chan, he’d hunt them down and make them pay for it, he promised the younger man in thought. Slowly, the sobs started to disappear.

“I- It’s Min,” Kyoshi said as he took a deep breath “we... w-we had a fiiight.”

“A fight about what?” He softly went with his hand trough Kyoshi’s hair.


The sobs had now completely stopped. Kito pulled both of them down onto the bed. He carefully tilted the other’s chin upwards, staring at that beautiful, feminine face, and wiped the tears away.

Kito let out a sigh. “You shouldn’t fight about me, it’s not worth it. I’ve done both of you nothing but wrong...”

“That’s not true! Don’t say that!”

“But it is... is that, what Min told you?”

Kyoshi looked away, mumbling a soft ‘yes’.

“Oh, Kyo-chan... you don’t have to defend me.”

“But I want to!” Kyoshi said and he pulled the other into a tight embrace, not planning on letting go anytime soon. For a second, Kito couldn’t move. The realization that the younger man still cared for him, came slowly, and he wrapped his arms around the other.

“I’m so sorry, for everything.”

Kyoshi rested his head on the other’s shoulder. “I know you are, I’ve forgiven you already. Min just doesn’t... want to, yet.”

“Hai... but it hurts, him being like that. I can only imagine what the others think of me now.”

“Kai is still very mad at you, I wouldn’t try to talk to him.”

Kai... old friend. You hate me now, don’t you? Well, you’ve got good reasons too. “I don’t think he ever forgave me for what happened with that girl.”

Kyoshi looked at him with big eyes. “You don’t even remember her name?”

“She meant nothing to me, Kyo-chan. There was nothing between her and me, but if I could’ve kept her from killing herself, I would have. You know that, don’t you?”

Kyoshi nodded, as he let go of Kito and layed down.“Oh Kito, I’m just so glad you’re back. Don’t you ever leave me again, don’t you ever.”

These words, they made Kito feel so utterly happy. He layed down against his Kyo-chan, breathing in his scent, his lovely scent that he had never forgotten. Wrapping his arms around him once again, he kissed Kyoshi gently on his cheeck. “I’ll stay with you forever and beyond, my Kyo-chan.”

Okay, so, I'm quite nervous about posting this but I'm not really sure why. Hope you like =3
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